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Betting on cycling events

There are many niche sports in the world that sometimes get forgotten because of the likes of other sports such as football. One of these sports is cycling - even with the massive fan base it has you don’t see as much coverage as it deserves.

This is strange as so many people enjoy actually taking their bikes outside in their free time and exercising. There are still so many different competitions happening all the time however, and with these there are also people who like to make predictions on who they think will come out on top by putting their money on it.

This has never been easier to do than now with the age of the internet and online casinos and bookies - they now own their own websites such as Lucky Nugget. These allow you to place bets at home instead of leaving for the bookies on the high street; moreover, after you are finished with your bets you can go and play many of the different games offered at the online casino also.

With so many competitions it is sometimes surprising that so many people can only name the Tour de France as a cycling race, but this kind of road race is only one of many types of cycling. For example there is mountain biking which is the total opposite to a road race in which you must tackle very difficult terrain in order to finish the course in the fastest time possible. This is done wherever there is a mountain.

Or if rough terrain is not for you then you might be more interested in the indoor version of cycling where the competitors race on a smooth wooden track and everything comes down to split seconds between the different riders. Whatever it is that takes your fancy there is more to cycling than just the normal road races.